Tree Services

Count on us for tree pruning services in Perris, CA

Keeping Your Trees in Tiptop Shape

Unwanted or overgrown trees don't do your property any favors. They may even be serious safety hazards. The last thing you want is for a branch to fall and hit a customer. If you have a tree that needs to go, turn to Sage Landcrafters for tree removal services in Perris, CA. We use chainsaws, climbing belts, pole saws and small ladders to take care of trees under 20 feet tall.

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What do our tree services include?

When it comes time to hire a tree service team, you'll want to find an experienced one that can provide extensive care. We know how to:

  • Trim trees as needed
  • Remove hazardous and unwanted trees
  • Fertilize trees on a four-month schedule

With our recurring tree trimming and tree pruning services, we'll tend to your trees on a regular schedule to keep them in perfect shape. If you have any questions about our tree pruning services, ask one of our experts today.